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Who are we? We are 2 years from 30. We are blonde. We are tall. We are proud people. We are Dutch. Leaving behind the orderly world to travel. Quitting jobs. Ouch. No home to go back to. Ai. Sold the furniture. Oops. Venturing out into the unknown for an extended period of time. Not just for ourselves and our craving to travel. We believe it is important to travel with a cause and give something back. The fact Alex survived Hodgkin lymphoma - a cancer that starts in the white blood cells - 5 years ago makes the research in Hodgkin lymphoma the ideal cause to support!
We’ve travelled before. Sometimes months on end. Sometimes just a few days to keep the dream alive. We’ve seen most of Russia’s train tracks. Got arrested in Ukraine. Hitchhiked the whole western part of Australia. Drank 10c espresso in Bosnia, got marriage proposals in Gambia and caught lobster in Tobago’s Caribbean shores. Did some bunker exploring in Montenegro. Skydived above the Franz Joseph Glacier in New Zealand. Rode camels in Egypt. Horses in Mongolia and caught Caimans in Surinam. Hiked the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Did downhill mountain biking in Colombia and ate lots and lots of street food in China.
But for now we have to enjoy Dutch temperatures, warm stampot, brood met kaas, traffic jams, mills, Geert Wilders, the variety of beers, our espresso machine and off course our friends and family. Because the new expedition we’re planning is something different. It’s going to be epic. Some even say impossible. It’s going to be as far South as you can go overland from New York via Vancouver. Destination? Ushuaia by car and beyond by foot&backpack. Timetable? Unknown. Transport? Toyota Landcruiser ‘90 series. Budget? We have a Toyota Landcruiser. Goal? Support the survivorship of Hodgkin Lymphoma patients across the world. 

We leave September 2017 and we love to share our story! 
by landcruiser:
Amsterdam, United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Guatamala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chili, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brasil. 

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Post 4: mijn verhaal

Oktober 2010, Hoogste tijd voor een nieuwe huisarts. De praktijk waarbij ik sta ingeschreven is circa 110 kilometer rijden naar het noorden. In Warmenhuizen. Mijn geboortedorp. Een huisarts waarvan ik de naam niet herinner, waarschijnlijk omdat ik er niet veel kom. Mijn nieuwe adres is Den Haag en mijn gevoel

Post 03: most global roadmap ever

Our global, global roadmap with a big play of ear, just to see if a year is enough. Click on the image below to see our itinerary.   

Post 02: voorbereidingen

Den Haag, zaterdag 15 juli 2017, Een lange periode van dromen, gedachten, woorden en geen daden, stoere verhalen, mogelijkheden en ideeën zijn sinds begin dit jaar veranderd in een besluit. Een definitief besluit. Een hoofdstuksluiter. Een besluit wat niet eenieder begrijpt en waar niet iedereen achter staat of achter zou

Post 01: how it all began

We are counting the days until we can finally start our expedition. From this moment, there are ‘only’ eight weeks left until we will take the plane to Baltimore, USA. Our car will depart much earlier, we only have two weeks left to prepare our vehicle for the big trip.