The succes of our expedition and our outreach is dependent upon the financial and product support of friends, family, corporations and private sponsors.
To realize our expedition we already saved and invested most in our Toyota Landcruiser, the airline tickets, insurances, verhicle shipping, website, vaccinations and some of the expedition material. Everything is almost ready for the 40,000km trip. But we also need fuel. We need a lot of fuel. €6000 worth of fuel.
We are thrilled to ask you to support us in our cause and expedition! From every donation, 40% goes to the BETER- consortium and its purpose and 60% to our fuel consumption and the maintenance of our lifeline, the Landcruiser.
Not only will your generosity help infuse this expedition, but it can also help promote your business to the eager crowds of people who will follow us. As a sponsor, your name and involvement will be showcased on our car, website, photo’s, social media, blogs, magazines, etc.

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